Romania Project 2 - Comanesti

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Full information and details on how you can support the project are here.

Thank you for all your interest in the new Playground Construction in Romania. Your support has been amazing and although we are still a little way off our target figure of raising £15,000, we have every assurance that the funds will be available when needed.

We have established a great working relationship with Habitat for Humanity who will be providing help with the construction, which will be built adjacent to a school in a deprived area near Bacau.

Calin, our Practical Assistant, has been to visit and recently spent 48 hours working as a volunteer on one of Habitat’s ‘Big Build’ projects … providing housing for marginalised people.  He will return in October and then be part of the team as the Playground is built.

The photos (right) show Calin on site, alongside the Romanian Director of Habitat … Roberto Patrascoiu.  Roberto recently visited the UK and addressed the students at Q3 Academy, Langley . A contribution was made by the children to further the development of the Playground.

Background to the playground project

It was in 2020 that Flame Trust built a playground for children with physical and mental disabilities at a home in Sighet, Maramures in Romania (see more here on this first project).

Successfully directed and delivered by Calin Rezmuves, also from Romania, a new playground was constructed - on budget, and to a very high standard. It received National acclaim, and was featured on TV.

The second project will again be directed by Calin, but will be also in partnership with ‘Crai Nou’ public kindergarten and Habitat for Humanity.

The Kindergarten has 128 children – many with learning difficulties and from challenged backgrounds - in a very poor neighbourhood of COMANESTI – a small town near to BACAU. The school has systematically been excluded from investment by the local municipality over many years. 

The building itself is very old and although it used to enjoy a playground facility, this was dismantled so as not to cause an accident for the children.

Construction will begin in the second half of 2022. There is a large plot of land that will be used for this purpose, and the recreational facilities will feature swings and other suitable  equipment, rest areas and spaces for external therapy.

Please consider whether this is something that you and/or your fellowship could support.  Full information and details on how you can support the new project are here.