Flame administration

Flame is a comparatively small organisation, but is served well by a team of folk who look after the administrative need.  Jackie Eames serves part-time, currently working as Dave’s P.A. and Calin Rezmuves is our Practical Assistant, looking after all of the practical detail, and serving the needs that have arisen with our Romanian projects. 

Both Jenny Beardsmore and Clare Garland volunteer their services as Finance Administrator and Clerk to the Board respectively.  Stewart Hills looks after our wider administration as and when needed, and invests his expertise in logistics including project organisation and website management.

The office telephone line is checked regularly, so any messages are logged even though we do not have a ‘full time’ facility.

Flame’s ministry is supported by our friends and partners who give generously to underwrite our ministry.

Stewardship logoFurther details can be found via the Stewardship link here.

Do Contact us here to request further information on any of Flame's activities.